Funeral Director

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Red Kite Code was asked to build a new website for a family run Funeral Director’s. This would be a large website with hundreds of products including flower selections, gowns, transport choices, music selection, headstones, legal information, caskets and burial choices.

The brief was as follows

  1. Use the existing domain name and hosting.
  2. The site must be tranquil and calming.
  3. Add all of our products to the site so that the bereaved can make choices at their leisure.


The owners of the site would like to be able to update their products and make blog posts in the future. For this reason, we chose WordPress. Preparing all of the content and products took a huge amount of time. The photoshop work to size and match all the images was extensive and the sheer quantity of products and services stood out as the major factor when building this website.

The Process

Red Kite Code was given access to the user's hosting account. We then installed WordPress for them. Next we installed the base template and began configuring it ready for the content. We enabled the required plugins and sought any updates that were needed. E-mailers were set up to work with an existing e-mail address and widgets such as google maps were generated API keys ready to work. The images and descriptions of all of the products were then methodically prepared and added to the site.

Mobile version of funeral director's website.