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Red Kite Code develop websites for all budgets. It is very common for clients to ask 3 different companies for the same thing and have 3 quotes for the work that are wildly different. As part of our service, we offer free consultancy to try understand your aims and objectives and will give you honest and candid advice on the different options available to you as you embark on your new project.

At Red Kite Code we have 3 types of customers. The first are small local businesses looking for a pretty little website that tells customers about their business. They want something that looks good and is very affordable. These are usually 4 or 5 pages ... a home page, a contact us page, a page on services/products, a page on the company, its history or its staff and maybe a gallery. We would term these sites a 'microsite' and we configure them for you using a template.

The next type of customer has a web strategy and their website is central to their business. It could be they need an online shop with e-commerce features, they require a website that is an interface to their back end digital product or they need the website to interact with other systems they already own such as their CRM or some form of cloud-based service. These websites often come with a CMS (Central Management System) to allow the owner to easily change and modify the site's content.

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The final customer group are usually large multi-nationals or PR and Creative Agencies working with them. These clients often request something bespoke and unique. It could be they want a portal for their customer base, they have a large event and want a one-off solution for that, or they deliver a specification with full designs and user journeys and request a website is built exactly as they stipulate down to the fonts used. For big businesses their brand is very important to them and they may have rigid brand guidelines or be working within an industry with regulatory guidelines that must be met. These kinds of websites can be very labour intensive and often need large teams of developers working together to deliver on time.

Unless you stipulate otherwise, all our sites come with ...

  • Responsive design / mobile ready.
  • Basic meta-data used by search engines added.
  • Robots.txt and sitemap.xml files included to assist search engine bots.
  • Site mounted and any e-mail addresses + ancillary services required set up for you.
  • Google Analytics set up, so as you can see where your traffic comes from.
  • EU cookie notifications + Privacy Policy page added as required by law.