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Events, congresses and exhibitions are all a fantastic way to get your brand noticed. In competitive industries there becomes an arms race amongst stand owners, to deliver the most engaging and memorable attractions. In the digital era, touchscreens, event apps, video walls and interactive experiences are on the front line in the battle to win over consumers.

At Red Kite Code we recognise that a lot hinges on these events. The delivery date is immovable and often the deadlines are tight. To add to this, sometimes there are outside influences that can compromise your project. A flaky wifi connection at the event, harsh sodium lighting that might affect infrared touchscreens, temperature, footfall, other attractions causing interference and many others. We program our event software solutions defensively to reduce risk and we ensure that if there is a failure, it is a graceful one and your audience is where possible, non-the-wiser.

We also look to make our onsite software as easy to maintain as possible. If an emergency update must be done in situ or data needs to be collected from an installed device for example, we look to make these essential actions simple to perform reducing downtime on the stand and where we can, be able to troubleshoot issues remotely. Our packages can also include equipment and onsite support staff if required.

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