Search Engine Optimisation

Putting Your Business On The Map

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Search Engine Optimisation is a narrow term for a rather broad service. We of course aim to improve your search engine ranking on Google, but we also seek to make you highly visible at other entry points to the internet. Depending on your business you might like Siri to suggest your company when someone enquires about a service you provide or you may want to appear on Google maps as a restaurant icon , be a high ranking listing on Trip Advisor or a search result in Facebook. At Red Kite Code we help you get seen.

SEO can be split into two groups. There is global SEO where you attempt to improve your visibility everywhere competing against everyone else on earth for your niche. There is also local SEO where you compete with other local businesses for attention. For example if you own an Indian Restaurant in Leeds (England), you'd like to be top of the search results for "Indian food in Leeds" as a Google search or suggested by Siri if someone stood a mile away from your business asks "Indian Restaurants near me". You likely don't care that someone in Vancouver (Canada) doesn't get to see your restaurant when they google "Indian Food".

At Red Kite Code, we provide both types and work with you to set out expectations of what we agree we could realistically achieve. For example if you own an apple pie factory and want to be the number one google search globally for the word 'apple', we aren't going to be able to help you. But we will be able to increase traffic to your online clothing store.

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Small Business Starter Pack

For start-up businesses, getting your digital strategy in order can be life or death. You usually have little money and you need customers fast. Many aspiring entrepeneurs will purchase a lovely website for their new business and wonder why no one ever visits it. This is why Red Kite Code developed the Small Business Starter Pack. We provide an optimised microsite and a basic SEO package to get your business up and running. We wire together all of your social media, push you into the places you want to be seen and offer advice on how to make the most of your niche offering. We apply the same product to customers whose established small business may need a complete revamp.