020 London

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Red Kite Code was asked by 020 London to reskin their existing website. The site was almost 20 years old and required a new front end that would meet the standards of modern browsers and be responsive, allowing use on mobile devices as well.

The brief was as follows

  1. Create a new front end for the website.
  2. Connect the new front end to existing databases and scripts.
  3. Make sure the site can display on mobile devices as well.


As can be seen from the image on the left, the original website was extremely old. The new front end would need to be written in html5 instead of html, and use css3 instead of inline css. We began by choosing an html5 template and then adapted it to fit the functionality of the existing site. The original directory software was incredibly old. There was no support, no online instructions, the company that made it had long since been defunct. Many of the scripts were written in 20 year old Perl, and had to be rewritten in order to work with the new front end.

The Process

We took a copy of the site and left the original in place whilst we worked on the new version on a staging site. Page by page, we mapped the old site’s functionality to the new frontend html5. Some 2000 pages of the website (the directory results pages) needed to be dynamically generated. For these, the old Perl scripts needed to be completely rewritten to display the pages in the new format. Finally we added back in all of the advertising and pushed the staging site to live.

Mobile version of Caspian Pegasus website.