Who We Are

Founded by Patrick Edwards, Red Kite Code is a Digital Agency specialising in high quality solutions without the overhead costs of traditional agencies.

With modern digital collaboration tools such as Skype, video conferencing, IRC messaging, e-mail, online CRMs, online storage, VPNs, online project management tools like Basecamp, Office 365, subversion etc, there isn't a reason on earth why we need our staff all in the same office to bring a project together.

We have fantastic quality consultants and a superb technical standard of developers, but they are all based offsite. We don't have the overheads of office rent, business rates, electricity, office security, office managers, office cleaners, infrastructure and equipment such as computers, phones, printers, office furniture, lighting, heating, tea, coffee and biscuits, etc.

You can reach us in the exact same way as any other agency. By phone, e-mail, skype, via social media, snail mail as we have a virtual office with Regus, we can meet at your offices, we can meet in a neutral location and we'll buy you a drink, or if we need a meeting room we use a Regus room.

And without the weight of all that infrastructure, our clients enjoy the same service, same quality, interact with us in the same way and enjoy the same experience at around half the price they would normally expect to pay. Our business model is that simple.


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Outsourcing Policy

Software development is a largely unregulated industry. There are no set qualifications or industry certificates required to be a developer. As such, developers are hired and retained on reputation. At Red Kite Code, we work with developers we know and trust. All are based in the UK, and we know them all personally. We absolutely do not take your order and outsource elements of it to cheap developing nation coders. Our policy is based on reducing risk and ensuring quality.


To make and deliver great software at competitive prices.


We aim to provide solutions that delight our customers. Our plan for growth is based on word of mouth and client retention. Every project is as important to us as it is to you.