Eagles Fitness

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Eagles Fitness belongs to a personal trainer who provides classes, one-on-one training and similar services. He requires a small site that tells people about his business and allows people to get in contact with him.

The brief was

  1. Already has a domain name and hosting
  2. Replace the existing site with a more modern responsive one
  3. Needs to work with existing social media
  4. Needs a contact emailer


We decided on a one-page responsive website. The focus is a call to action to get potential clients to contact him in person and enquire about his services. The site is made to be simple to navigate and also easy to share on social media. This is a cost effective and simple site. It also doesn't require extra pages with galleries and blogs, nor does it need constantly updating. The client wants to focus those energies into his social media campaign instead.

The Process

The client already owned a domain and had hosting. We configured his website and uploaded it to his existing url. We added a robots.txt file to help search engines, a sitemap and an .htaccess file to help with web caching. All of his social media accounts are connected and both Twitter cards and Facebook cards are added to improve the impact of sharing his url on those platforms. The e-mailer was also configured to work with his existing e-mail account, sending enquiries directly there.


This is the simplest type of website we produce at Red Kite Code. It only takes a few days to get such a site up and running.


A website like this, costs in the region of around £350.

Mobile version of Eagles Fitness website.