Digital Freight

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Red Kite Code was asked by a creative agency to build a new website for one of their clients, Digital Freight. This website would be designed by the agency and coded by Red Kite Code.

The brief was as follows

  1. Follow the design from the agency exactly.
  2. Create numerous landing pages for keywords.
  3. Pay particular attention to site SEO.


Digital Freight would like to be able to update their products and make blog posts in the future. For this reason, we chose WordPress. The agency provided all of the assets and the design, and this was followed pixel by pixel throughout the site. Extra attention was made to make the website appealing to search engines.

The Process

Red Kite Code was given access to the user's hosting account. We then installed WordPress for them. Next we installed a base template and began configuring it to match the agency’s design. Once ready, we could add the content supplied by the creative agency and start integrating with third party sites such as social media accounts and google maps. Finally, we did some additional work to improve the site’s SEO.


Some 18 months after the website was built, it became the victim of a targeted attack. An evil Chinese bot wanted to use it to sell fake Rolex watches and Viagra. Red Kite Code was called to restore the site to its pristine former glory. The malicious code was all removed, and further security measures were installed. The initial hack had taken place because of a security flaw with the website’s front page slider. This was updated to ensure the vulnerability was removed and the entire website received all of the updates it had sorely needed.

Mobile version of Digital Freight website.