Fix My Foot

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To create a website for a renowned Podiatrist in Windsor. The client already had a website with much of the content on it that he had added himself over the years. We needed to transpose this content onto a new fresh looking site. This webste was built in pure html and it is fast!

The brief was as follows

  1. Move the website to a new host away from VistaPrint
  2. Reorganise the site and repopulate with all the content
  3. Add more content as provided in Word documents
  4. Make this site easy for patients to navigate


The original site had been created using a VistaPrint template. This was slow and limited what could be displayed. VistaPrint only host their own templates, and so the domain needed migrating to a new host so that a new website could be installed on to it. This is a large website with more than 40 pages of content. Each one needed structuring to best display the content. We chose to use html instead of a CMS system, to ensure fast navigation making it less cumbersome for users to move around such a large site.

The Process

The fixmyfoot domain was first migrated to a new host. Next all of the content was added. We then looked to make the site more visable on google. All of the images have alt tags, there is schema included to give search spiders more information about the site, there are Twitter and Facebook cards to improve sharing and we added the site to 'Google My Business' to help search results. We also added lots of resources ready for download from the site.

Mobile version of Maidenhead Zombie Walk website.