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Red Kite Code was commissioned by network security consultancy firm Caspian Pegasus, to build a new website. Being a consultancy firm, they have zero visual content. No photos, no images.

The brief was as follows

  1. Use the existing domain name and hosting.
  2. Make it purple. It has to be purple. We love purple.
  3. Use stock image cartoons and photoshop them all purple to match.


Caspian Pegasus would like to be able to update their products and make blog posts in the future. For this reason, we chose WordPress. A collection of stock images was chosen, and Red Kite Code picked and matched them to the various products and services throughout the site, photoshopping them to the right colours and sizes along the way. RKC also gave advice for web structure and layout.

The Process

Red Kite Code was given access to the user's hosting account. We then installed WordPress for them. Next we installed the base template and began configuring it ready for the content. We enabled the required plugins and sought any updates that were needed. E-mailers were set up to work with an existing e-mail address and widgets such as google maps were generated API keys ready to work.

Future Proofing

This website will at a later date require a configurator, to allow customers configure the products they want to buy and generate quotes. This is all currently disabled, but the site was built with this future need in mind.


I'm not sure what I imagined, but this is better!

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Adel NasseriCEO & Founder - Caspian Pegasus

Mobile version of Caspian Pegasus website.